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Specific goals, objectives and evaluation

Specific Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation

In relationship to Long Range Plans



A.    The Library Director is required to maintain his/her library accreditation through continuing education opportunities.


B.     To keep our collection current.


C.     To work with the county library association on funding for library services.


D.     To continue the on-going weeding process.


E.     To continue to publicize the library through the local newspaper.


F.     To maintain the library web site and use other digital connections as appropriate to the community.


G.     To continue to provide programming for preschoolers.


H.    To continue the summer library program.


I.    To be informed and to inform legislators, Ossian City Council, county supervisors and the public about library issues.


J.     To continue to keep city council informed of building/grounds upkeep as well as other library needs and activities.


K.    To continue to evaluate current physical needs for the interior of the library.



                                                                                                                        Revised 2/28/2012